Are you one of the dedicated teachers planning trips abroad for your students? Gearing up for an unforgettable educational journey to Japan is exciting of course, but planning a trip abroad alone can be a daunting task. Fear not, because this guide is tailored to empower teachers planning trips to Japan with insights, tips, and strategies to ensure a smooth experience for both you and your students.

Why is booking a trip to Japan so difficult?

The first hurdle for teachers planning trips to Japan is tackling logistics. From deciding your ideal dates, researching or booking activities and accommodations, or figuring out how to navigate Japan’s massive transportation network once you arrive. From departure to arrival, here are some of the things you need to consider, and that Go Go Nihon Study Trips can help with when planning your trip.


Spring in Japan

Likely you will plan your trip during a school vacation, but do you know when to expect crowds, less than ideal weather, or the scheduling of seasonal events and festivals that  your group may enjoy? Since our team is based in Japan we can help you decide the best timing and length of stay based on our local expertise and your ideal budget.

Services that require pre-booking

How will your group communicate with each other? What if someone gets sick or injured? How can you purchase tickets for the trains? We’ve got you covered with pocket wifi, travel insurance, and pre-charged transportation cards for your group. We can arrange all of this prior to your arrival so that you are ready to hit the ground running.


Group of Go! Go! Nihon planning staffff

Japan offers a myriad of cultural, historical, and educational activities for students. Teachers planning trips to Japan often have educational objectives or themes.  Of course, it’s easy these days to go online and find tour options on your own, but often these experiences are limited to individual travelers or are not the most authentic.  They may even require a Japanese credit card, a specific booking time or procedure (yes, we still use the fax machine in Japan), or the ability to communicate in Japanese. 

Our staff can help you curate a captivating itinerary that aligns with your educational objectives, and help you find unique experiences for your group. For example, a sustainable cooking class or a lecture on Japanese business etiquette. Our bilingual staff has connections with local suppliers and understands the logistics of tricky bookings so that your trip can move forward without a hitch.


Comfortable and convenient accommodations are crucial for a successful trip. Teachers planning trips to Japan who have never been before may wonder which area has the best access to transit, how to locate willing host families, or which type of hotel can accept group bookings. We provide a variety of options to suit the needs and budget of your group. For example, one of our high school groups always stays in homestays. This provides added safety, a feeling of a home away from home, cultural immersion, and included meals. For budget conscious adult students and teachers planning trips to Japan, our private rooms in a budget hotel with convenient access to the city center are ideal. We can not only help you decide the best type of accommodation for your group, but of course, we will also take care of the booking.

Group Information & documents

You’ve got all your students signed up, but how can you share all the necessary information with hotels, schools, and activity suppliers, and what information will be needed? Do any of your students require visas to travel to Japan, and how can they obtain one? We will collect and prepare all the information that needs to be sent such as passport copies, or allergies and dietary restrictions to each supplier so you don’t have to worry about it.

Preparing for arrival

Not sure what to pack, or what is needed to enter Japan? What should you carry with you, how to withdraw money, and where to go if you feel sick are common questions our teachers planning trips to Japan have. We will send you all the important info before your arrival, and answer all questions to ensure you and your group can focus on the excitement of your upcoming adventure.

You’ve made it to Japan, now what?

You’ve landed in Japan after a long flight, and now you have to navigate the metro to get into the city center. Teachers planning trips to Japan need to consider how to you buy tickets, which route is the best, and how long transfers will take. Once in Japan, there are still many obstacles to overcome such as the transit system, language barrier, and unfamiliarity with local rules and customs. Our friendly tour leaders will welcome your group and prepare you for your time in Japan with an orientation. They’ll guide you to all the activities and provide translation support, and they are also available on a dedicated Discord channel to answer your questions and provide updates while you’re here.


As you can see, there is a lot to consider for teachers planning trips to Japan for their students or groups. To simplify your trip planning, consider partnering with our experienced team.

Go Go Nihon Study Trips specialize in assisting teachers like you in organizing  journeys to Japan. Gain access to personalized assistance and our network of partners, ensuring that your focus remains on the educational and cultural aspects of the trip. Make your educational journey unforgettable and stress-free with our expert insights. For more information and to get in touch with our staff to start planning click here.


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