Have you started your Christmas shopping yet and wondering what to get for that person in your life that seems to have it all?

Well, we’ve got a few ideas for that adventurer in your life. Ranging from the cheap to the not so cheap, we’ve covered a range of gifts for those you know that love travel and immerse themselves in culture with our best presents for travellers.

Asakusa temple Sensoji

Study Trip

We might be a bit biased but there’s a reason our staff love our study trips and why our customers do too. Each year we help people from all over the world to fulfill their dreams of living, studying and exploring another country. It’s not possible for a lot of people to move abroad and that’s where a study trip comes in. If your loved one loves a particular country, the study trip offers the perfect combination of exploration, adventure, and study. This gives that lucky person a chance to fully understand a country and come away with an amazing experience and hopefully the start of a new language. You never know, it may give them a taste for moving abroad long term.


A mid-range present that will go a long way. Backpacks can be difficult to choose so we recommend doing a bit of research before you pick one. For those traveling around a country or those staying in a city for a longer period, a backpack is the ideal traveling companion. Preferable to a suitcase, it allows you to take everything you need whether staying for a month or a year. It’s also great for flinging on your back if you want to explore outside of a city.

Dictionary/Grammar book

So this may not seem like the best present in the world but trust us. If you know someone that likes to go all out when they visit a country, we can guarantee that this is a great present for their next adventure. A lot of the time a phrasebook will be useful but often covers just the basics and, depending on the language, will make the user seem a little strange to the locals. Translations aren’t always completely correct and will often unravel quite quickly when you actually start to learn.

If your friend or relative likes to properly get into a country then a dictionary and possibly, more importantly, a grammar guide, will help them on their way. It might also spark a newfound love for a country not yet explored.

Waterproof notepad

For those that want to study and explore at the same time. A decent notepad is just what you need while you’re studying a language, whether it’s to jot down signs you don’t recognise or practice your verbs over a quick coffee. A waterproof one may seem like an odd choice but if you’re out and about you never know when you might get caught in a rain shower. A decent one can also be surprisingly expensive so it’s a great present.

Multiway charger/adaptor

Last but not least, we have the humble charger/adapter. However, this isn’t any old adapter, it’s a multiway one. This means that wherever you’re traveling from and wherever you’re going, you can pop this in your bag and get going. This may not seem like the most exciting gift, but you must understand how brilliant this is for your traveling friend. This means that whether they’re looking to set up in a cafe for the day and study on their laptop, or if they’re heading off on another adventure and need to charge their camera, then they’re good to go.

If you’re looking for other inspiration for your adventuring friends then check out our travel pack list for further ideas on the best presents for travellers.  You never know you might catch the bug and want to start your studies/travels in the new year.

Last Updated on January 21, 2020

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