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I am a parent and concerned about sending my child to another country on their own - please tell me how they will be supported?

Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. Even so, we understand that it can be worrying sending them abroad on their own. We do everything to make sure that they can enjoy themselves in a safe environment. While some activities may take place in establishments that serve alcohol, the drinking age in Japan is 20 years old and their staff, as well as the study trip staff, will not allow alcohol to be served to underage students. Furthermore, we would recommend choosing the homestay accommodation option to help set your mind at ease. The host family would ensure your child is looked after and gets a full cultural experience learning about daily life. N.B. While we will provide a safe environment for all our students we are unable to control an individual’s actions and as such can not be held accountable or liable for their actions.

Do I need a VISA to join a study trip?

This can depend on the country that you are coming from. Japan’s MOFA provides a list of visa requirements for all countries on its website here. If you do require a visa, full details and support can also be found on their website. Please note that at this time we are unable to help with any Visa applications.

Can you help me apply for a VISA?

Unfortunately, we are unable to support the Visa application process at this time. Please contact your embassy for help and support.

What is covered by the insurance offered for my trip?

Full insurance details can be found here

What should I expect from the dormitory accommodation?

The dormitory accommodation is provided by the school and is located off campus, a short train ride away. With several buildings that are usually occupied by long term students, you’ll have use of all the shared facilities, such as washing machines, bathrooms and kitchen

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