When travelling abroad obviously, one big part of making your trip perfect is packing the right things. While there are always some basics, there are also country-specific items and if you’re studying abroad too, there are slightly different considerations, so here’s our checklist for travel and study abroad.


This one should go without saying but there’s no harm in having a reminder occasionally! Depending on where you’re from and how long you’re going for, it’s possible that you may need a visa too. Just remember to check this before you go.

Comfortable shoes (easy to take off)

Wherever you travel you’ll likely be walking a lot as you explore all the new cities and towns. Comfortable, practical shoes might sound boring but your feet will thank you at the end of it. Remember to pack for the season too, heavy hiking boots in the summer will be a bit uncomfortable. Also think about the country too, for instance, if you’re visiting Japan you’ll likely need to take your shoes on and off a lot, particularly with temples, so slip-ons are recommended.


Another essential. It’s likely that your plugs are different from the country you’re visiting, so be prepared to make sure you can keep those electronics charged. A plug with a detachable USB cable can be very useful too as many cafes and buses around the world are starting to install usb plug sockets for charging your phone.

Power bank

It’s likely your phone will be your lifeline when you’re travelling and studying but your charge might not last the day. You don’t want to get lost too much and a power bank can make the world of difference if you’re exploring a new city or trying to study your latest set of vocabulary following your language lessons.


Your phone camera might be pretty good these days but sometimes a camera can give you that picture that evokes that memory a little stronger or captures the details you might otherwise have missed. Whether you settle on your phone camera or take something a bit fancier, be sure to take plenty of pictures to remember your trip of a lifetime.

Sim card/pocket wifi

For both finding your way when you get lost and studying in the evenings at your accommodation, staying connected is a must. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a Sim card or pocket wifi. It can be a little tricky figuring how to sort this as it can vary from country to country. That’s why we often include this as an extra on our study trips. Check the plan details to see if it’s an option on your trip.

Travel insurance

A definite must to stop you worrying when travelling. Did you know our Japanese and Korean study trips have insurance included?!

Download useful apps

Keep up to date with train times, opening times and learn some useful phrases to get you around. There are apps for everything to make your trip a bit smoother. Apps aren’t just for lifestyle things either, there are language learning apps for most languages around the world. Wherever you’re studying abroad, it’s worth brushing up on a few of the basics before you go. Please, thank you and sorry will get you a long way in a new country and there are lots of great flashcard apps to help build your vocabulary.

Travel Pass

Studying abroad isn’t all about the study, it’s about exploring new countries too. Often one of the best ways to do this is with a country rail pass. In Japan they have the Japan Rail pass, Korea the Korail pass and in Europe the Euro-rail pass. There are often different options for each and it’s certainly worth exploring if you want to see as much of the country as possible.


Add a soundtrack to your travels but remember to keep it personal with these essentials. An ideal addition to your journey to block out those noisy people on the plane or alternatively, perfect for language podcasts! There are some great ones out there to help you appreciate the pronunciation as well as learning the words.

Cash and Credit Cards

Your last obvious one! Some countries like England are pretty heavy on card payments or app payments and contactless payment is available in many places so you’ll likely need a credit or debit card to hand. Japan on the other hand is a very big cash based society. Many places won’t accept card payments, including some bigger shops that you would expect to. Whichever country you decide to travel and study in, remember to check what is the norm beforehand.

Notebook and pens

While you might be able to pick these up when you get there, many of you might have a favourite notebook and pen. Alternatively, you might have started your studies back home and are keen to keep it all in one place. So don’t forget to pack it so that you can keep your study notes together and show your teacher just how keen you are!

And that’s it! You’re all set to go on your next adventure studying abroad with our handy checklist for travel and study abroad.

Last Updated on May 7, 2019

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