Now Asia is a big continent but there are some specifics that are worth thinking about when travelling over to that side of the world. We’ve put together our Asia travel checklist to help you get prepared for your trip.


Wherever you decide to travel, layers are the way forward. You’ll want to pack light but be prepared for a range of weathers and layers are the way to do this. Include everything from a light raincoat to a thin thermal jumper and plenty of T-shirts and shirts that layer up. This way you’ll be prepared for enjoying the sunshine of the coast or hiking in the mountains.

Plug Adapters

This goes without saying but it’s always an easy one to forget and you don’t want to spend your first day searching for an adapter. You can get great compact ones these days and even ones that work across a range of plug types. A quick bit of research before you go will help you avoid the extra hassle.
Slip on shoes

Slip-on shoes

In many places across Asia, Buddhism and Shintoism are common and you’ll likely find yourself visiting a temple or shrine on more than one occasion. Slip-on shoes will save you a lot of hassle as you travel around. You’ll also find that many countries have traditional restaurants where you might sit on the floor or hotel rooms with traditional flooring where you’ll need to take your shoes off.


Each countries rainy season is a bit different but the point is that most countries in Asia have one. An umbrella is a great way to look like a local while you keep dry. It can be better than a raincoat (although these are useful too) as it can often be hot and rainy at the same time.

Portable Charger

When you’re exploring a new country you spend a lot of time out and about. It’s useful to keep a portable charger on you so you can keep your electronics charged. Whether you want to make sure you can take lots of snaps or so you can look up where you are if you get lost.

Sim Card

These days it’s important to stay connected, whether it’s to upload your photos or let your friends and family know where you are when you’re travelling. You can get some region-specific sim cards but it can be useful to do some research beforehand and get yourself a country-specific sim card when you land. Each country can vary slightly but most places will do sim cards for 7-30 days so you’re not tied in for too long. With good data deals, it will also mean that you’re not wandering around trying to find some free wifi.
Travel Water Bottle

Travel water bottle

The summer months can get hot and you don’t want to find that you’re spending all your money on water bottles. A travel water bottle can be a great way to stay hydrated and avoid creating a lot of waste. There’s a huge range of options available these days so you’ll be able to find something lightweight and easy to transport.


If you’re travelling to the other side of the world, it’s going to be fairly likely that they won’t have your preferred shampoo or deodorant. Whatever your preference, it’s worth packing a selection of your essentials so you’re not disappointed. There are also often restrictions on bringing medicines to other countries and there can be variations in availability so it’s worth checking before you go and researching potential equivalents if you know you’ll need something.

Now you’ve got your Asia travel checklist you’re ready to get packing and start your adventure wherever you choose.

Last Updated on September 20, 2019

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