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Christmas Course


Summer Course


Summer Course


Traditional Japan


Youth Japan Summer


Autumn in Japan


Christmas Course

Matilde and Meritxel

Summer Course


Seoul Summer Course


Seoul Summer Course

I personally think trips are enjoyed in the company of other people, and thanks to I managed to get my dream trip. On this course I managed to meet wonderful people while also doing a bunch of cultural activities that I couldn’t have had access to easily as a regular tourist. I simply couldn’t be more satisfied!


Argentinian, Traditional Japan

This trip became something really special for me! The people of the course, the staff, the places, the activities, everything was so amazing and intense! I loved every moment, everything was amazing in its own way. Summer Course it’s an incredible opportunity to understand Japan and meet people from all over the world. Time passed so fast, and if it was possible I will have never left Tokyo. In such a little time, the people of the course made feel at home, and just in a few days, they became a family for me. And everything thanks to Go! Go! Nihon! It’s an incredible resource, the staff helps you with EVERY problem you can have always with a smile and makes everything unforgettable. It’s an experience that I’ll keep in my heart forever <3


Italy, Summer Course Japan

My experience was amazing. I liked Japan already but after this trip I love it even more. I got to meet people from other cultures and make amazing friends. I loved all the activities and I simply can’t choose my favorite. The experience of living with a Japanese family was incridible. You get to learn a lot of the language and their culture, but above everything they make you feel like a member of their family.


Spanish, Youth Japan

I liked being able to customise which activities I wanted to go to even while already in Korea, allowing me to go to activities that weren’t in my plan. That being said, what you’re doing is never as important as the people you’re doing it with. The team is amazing and saying goodbye to everyone was really sad.


Finland, Korea Summer Course

Because of the program, I plan on applying to Japanese university next year because of how much I enjoyed living in Japan and how much I want to return.


American, Youth Japan

It was great getting to know all the people that were on the trip with you, as well as the teachers and guides. They all really made me feel less nervous about being alone because I had someone in Japan who could help if I needed. I liked that we got to learn the language (in my case, basically from scratch) as well as sightseeing. We had plenty of free time to do whatever we wanted, even when we had classes 5 days a week. This trip was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far.


Canada, Otaku Course

The autumn course has been a really good experience. Because I’ve never traveled before so this was like a really big jump to go from England to South Korea was a massive decision for me. And I would have been completely lost if I hadn’t done the study trip. I’ve learned so much being here. I’ve seen so much. I’ve met such lovely people. Everyone’s been so helpful – You, Nathan, Jin have all been really, really good to us. Whenever we needed something they were always there and helped us. I would have never gone to a Korean folk village or I wouldn’t have hiked Mount Bukhan. I wouldn’t have seen all these things that I really wish I would have saw because I wouldn’t have known how to go about it. Especially with the language barrier. It’s been a really good experience and I’m really glad I did it. There’s been nothing I can complain about really. Even the school, even though it was hard, I stilled learned enough to be able to get by now. I think that’s really cool that you came to learn as well as experience the trip because you are doing all these activities as well as learning. Even though it’s a holiday you feel like you are doing something a bit more productive because you are learning at the same time.


UK, Korea Autumn Course

The trip was well organized with many interesting activities and a fantastic guide that made it all even more fun.


Italian, Traditional Japan

In general, the trip was fantastic. I’ve met fantastic people. I have experienced things I never thought I would experience. The possibility to choose freely how you want your course is fantastic and the help I got from the Studytrip team was very good.


Sweden, Traditional Japan

Excellent activity and school for Japanese language learning a fun and unique way to know Japan.


Guatemala, Christmas Course 2017

I really enjoyed this course. It was my first time in Japan so I did not have much of an idea what to expect apart from what I read and watched. The team was a great help and was always ready to help if necessary. In general, all the team members are very friendly and have done everything to make the activities so that we all had a good time. I really enjoyed these few weeks in Japan and will definitely come back to Japan.


Switzerland, Momiji Course 2017 made the process very simple so all I had to do was just submit my money, keep asking questions, and pack and then I was here and it felt like everything was taken care of, so very easy process.


USA, Korea Summer Course

I’ve been wanting to go to Japan for a long time now to experience both the culture and how it feels to be there. I choose this course so that I could learn the language, starting from the basics, but also the activities fit my interests. Personally, this trip is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I got to meet wonderful course participants and I feel like I’ve gotten friends for life. The teachers and the Go! Go! Nihon staff were super friendly and very engaging in their profession. The activities were fun and fit the course program as we got to discover a lot of famous spots. I recommend this for everyone who wants to travel to Japan and who loves anime, games and Japan!


Sweden, Otaku Course

I definitely recommend Go! Go! Hanguk and the services behind it. When I was applying I did try to get some of my friends to come with me but they were busy at the time. I’ll try again the next time. It was really organized, very helpful, very easy, very simple. Wearing hanbok to the palace, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. Walking around I wasn’t embarrassed or anything it was just really natural. It was nice with the setting as well and what you are wearing is really nice as well.


UK, Summer Course Korea