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Summer Course


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Seoul Summer Course

Thanks to your Trip I was able to have a very special experience.
I’ve been dreaming of coming to Japan since I was a kid, and actually being able to do that is just wonderful. The organization and the staff were excellent and very nice to me. I always felt comfortable and never had any kind of problem.
The tour leaders were amazing, always willing to help and taking care of us during the activities.
Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart for making this trip an unforgettable experience!


Italy, Summer Course 2017

Great service that made the whole trip feel very easy. My expectations were exceeded and I recommend taking the gold plan, it is worth it!


Sweden, Otaku Japan 2017

The Kansai Summer Course was amazing. Visiting Kyoto and Nara was one of the best experiences of the trip.


USA, Kansai Summer Course 2017

I really had a super good time in Japan and that’s the best trip in my life so far. Thanks to the Studytrip team, my course was very well organised and it was such a pleasure to know everyone during the course. Studytrip team staff and teachers at Akamonkai were very friendly and helpful, I did enjoy wherever I went with them and whatever I learnt from them.


China, Taste of Japan 2017

I liked being able to customise which activities I wanted to go to even while already in Korea, allowing me to go to activities that weren’t in my plan. That being said, what you’re doing is never as important as the people you’re doing it with. The team is amazing and saying goodbye to everyone was really sad.


Finland, Korea Summer Course

It was the most incredible experience I’ve had in my life so far. The time I spent there is something that I will always remember fondly.


UK, Youth Japan 2017

Overall, a great list of activities. The staff were very kind and personable. Everyone was laid back, but professional at the same time. I like the fact that we’re all “adults” 18+. I did a lot of research and is my #1 website that I actually feel comfortable using for education in Japan. I am also 100% pleased with the accommodation to specific diets and allergies. I enjoyed the course and I’m excited to use again in the near future.


USA, Otaku Japan 2017

Excellent activity and school for Japanese language learning a fun and unique way to know Japan.


Guatemala, Christmas Course 2017

I really enjoyed this course. It was my first time in Japan so I did not have much of an idea what to expect apart from what I read and watched. The team was a great help and was always ready to help if necessary. In general, all the team members are very friendly and have done everything to make the activities so that we all had a good time. I really enjoyed these few weeks in Japan and will definitely come back to Japan.


Switzerland, Momiji Course 2017 made the process very simple so all I had to do was just submit my money, keep asking questions, and pack and then I was here and it felt like everything was taken care of, so very easy process.


USA, Korea Summer Course

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