August 13th - September 15th

Coding Bootcamp

Limited spots - apply in advance!


Our Coding Bootcamp Study Trip will give you the chance to study at Japan’s only Silicon Valley-born coding bootcamp, while also joining in tours and cultural activities aimed to show you the best that Tokyo has to offer.

With this course you will be able to get a clear understanding of fundamental programming concepts so that you can learn to think and grow like an engineer. You will be able to create logic using code, develop engineering autonomy, and practice a growth mindset.

Perfect for those who want to learn to code while also taking the advantage of the location and experience life in Japan.


You will join in great activities, getting the chance to immerse yourself in what Tokyo, and Japanese culture, has to offer.


Lessons are at Code Chrysalis, a coding bootcamp situated near Roppongi, in central Tokyo. Here you'll get professional teachers and a friendly environment for a great learning experience. Lessons are in English, and a proficient language level is required.

For more info about the curriculum, please contact us.


Budget accommodation
The standard accommodation for this trip is private budget accommodation, giving you the chance to relax after classes and activities.


eBook A5 - Cover
If you want to get ready for your trip to Tokyo, our team has collected all the informations you need, together with travel advices and hidden gems. Plus, you will have access to $600 in discounts! Only on, you can buy our Tokyo travel guide at a special price while completing your booking process. More info here


This 5 week course is a great way to get you on your way to learn the fundamentals of coding, with a mixture of fun activities to keep you entertained and get the most out of your stay in Japan


Coding classes run in the morning, Monday to Thursday, which then gives you mornings and weekend to take part in activities, practice your new skills and explore Tokyo.


This is an intro to programming course for non-engineers and is suitable for complete beginners.

Group discount

Book with a friend and you'll receive a group discount of 15,000 yen each! For groups of 3 or more you could save up to 60,000 yen between you.

Activity Schedule

    Week One

    Karaoke in Japan

    Sing your heart out at Karaoke

    We're sure you've heard of karaoke, but have you experienced Japanese style karaoke? In a private booth for your group, two microphones and take it in turns to sing along to your favourite songs. If you are brave enough, why not whip out those Japanese songs you know to impress your new friends!
    Wagashi Making - Mochi sweets

    Make some tasty wagashi

    Join this alternative session and learn how to make wagashi - traditional Japanese sweets. See if you can craft with mochi and anko and then, best of all, taste your creations.

    Week Two

    Beer garden Tokyo

    Chill out in a Beer Garden

    Hidden away on Tokyo's rooftops are a variety of beer gardens. Perfect for relaxing with a refreshing beer away from the chaos of the city.

    Week Three

    Furoshiki Japanese Cloth Wrapping

    Get Creative with Furoshiki

    Whether giving a gift or wrapping your lunch, add that truly special touch by learning this beautiful craft. Traditional furoshiki wrapping cloth brings an elegance to make it a true art.

    Week Four

    Dining with a difference at a themed restaurant

    We'll take you for a dining experience with a difference. With lots of themed restaurants to choose from, you'll get a chance to eat themed dishes, enjoy themed menus and decor and sometimes even staff in cosplay.

    Week Five

    Experience VR Gaming

    What better place to try out this cutting-edge technology than Japan. The VR experience lets you get lost in your adventures and compete against your new friends.

    Choose your plan

    • Make some tasty wagashi Wagashi Making - Mochi sweets Join this alternative session and learn how to make wagashi - traditional Japanese sweets. See if you can craft with mochi and anko and then, best of all, taste your creations.
    • Try some Creative Calligraphy Japanese calligraphy Japanese calligraphy or 'shodo' truly is an art form. Why not pick your favourite character from your lessons and turn it into your own personal artwork.
    • Get Creative with Furoshiki Furoshiki Japanese Cloth Wrapping Whether giving a gift or wrapping your lunch, add that truly special touch by learning this beautiful craft. Traditional furoshiki wrapping cloth brings an elegance to make it a true art.
    • Dining with a difference at a themed restaurant We'll take you for a dining experience with a difference. With lots of themed restaurants to choose from, you'll get a chance to eat themed dishes, enjoy themed menus and decor and sometimes even staff in cosplay.
    • Sing your heart out at Karaoke Karaoke in Japan We're sure you've heard of karaoke, but have you experienced Japanese style karaoke? In a private booth for your group, two microphones and take it in turns to sing along to your favourite songs. If you are brave enough, why not whip out those Japanese songs you know to impress your new friends!
    • Experience VR Gaming What better place to try out this cutting-edge technology than Japan. The VR experience lets you get lost in your adventures and compete against your new friends.
    • Basic Accommodation
    • Coding classes
    • Travel/Health Insurance
    • Activity Transportation
    Total Cost


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    ¥ 469500

    Priority list

    Booking of this trip is not possibile in this moment, please enter our priority list for upcoming trips.

    Plans Notes
    The best experience I’ve ever had!Traditional Japan was awesome, nice activities, beautiful places and amazing people.The classes are really nice, it gives you chances to meet new people from different places. The activities are great, and the attention from everyone in excellent.It was really an amazing experience in all aspects.La mejor experiencia de todas, totalmente lo more
    Sebastian Hernandez
    Sebastian H.
    20:02 26 Feb 20
    All the information given on their website was accurate and the comunication with the staff is very quick and precise. The staff from the course are super helpfull and give good recomendations about everything you are interested to do in Tokyo. The japanese lessons are extremely good, in no time you will find yourself reading Katakana and Hiragana and babbling some basic japanese. Really a life changing experience. Would give more stars if it was more
    Juan Manuel Anzola
    Juan Manuel A.
    13:58 19 Dec 19
    Jose was an awesome tour guide 10/10 would recommend. The activities where great and the Studytrip team helped making my first trip to japan unforgettable. Thanks for that guys.
    Ronny illidony
    Ronny I.
    15:16 08 Oct 19
    If you ever thought, this could be an experience you want. DO IT! You will regret not to have done it in the years to come. They do a fantastic job and will take care of every single thing you can imagine. It's totally worth it and they don't promise to much with their slogan "a life changing experience". Trust more
    Christian Gumbert
    Christian G.
    13:28 08 Oct 19
    I was on the otaku Japan 3-weeks course and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. The actives were all amazing and super fun. The people were amazing too. The Study Trip staff really made the trip enjoyable! Fast responses, easy to contact, super nice! 10/10! I definitely recommend it, it was an incredible experience!read more
    Victoria Lagerberg
    Victoria L.
    10:56 30 Sep 19
    I participated in the Summer Course of 2019 with Study trip and it was really fun and was an amazing, most memorable experience! I had a blast and didn't want to leave, I wished that the trip could've been longer and wished that I had more time to do other things... the staff are all very professional and friendly and helped as much as they can and always responded to any questions and messages. Thank you so much to Lindsay, Jose, Lydia, and Mika! I hope that I will get a chance to visit Japan again in the future. ^_^read more
    Tiffany McKnight
    Tiffany M.
    01:55 26 Sep 19
    (Translated by Google) I spent a wonderful month in Tokyo with Go Go Nihon. We visited a lot of places that I could only dream about before. Good organization of the staff, all available and kind."One flaw," if you can call it: I studied all'Akamonkai, very organized school and really good for those approaches for the first time with the Japanese language. Unfortunately, having already the JLPT N5, I have not learned anything new.The courses were still stimulating, and I can say at least that I have filled the gaps I had.5 stars for this unique experience!(Original)Ho trascorso un mese bellissimo a Tokyo con Go Go Nihon. Abbiamo visitato un sacco di luoghi che prima potevo solo sognare. Buona organizzazione dello staff, tutti disponibili e gentili.Unico “difetto”, se così si può chiamare: ho studiato all’Akamonkai, scuola molto organizzata e veramente buona per chi si approccia per la prima volta con la lingua giapponese. Purtroppo, avendo già il JLPT N5, non ho imparato niente di nuovo.I corsi erano comunque stimolanti, e posso dire almeno di aver colmato le lacune che avevo.5 stelle per questa esperienza unica!read more
    Giulia Cioffi
    Giulia C.
    15:29 19 Sep 19
    If you're even considering booking a trip to Japan with Study Trip, just do it! I had the time of my life and the lovely people at Study Trip made it all possible. Special thanks to Jose, Lindsay, Mika and Lydia!read more
    10:30 17 Sep 19
    These guys made me feel at home in Japan, and honestly the trip to Tokyo would not have been the same without all the help they gave us. I highly recommend Studytrip to anyone thinking of doing a course with them, it's worth every more
    01:09 17 Sep 19
    (Translated by Google) Very smart guys and well organized.I found myself very well with them, they have always been very helpful when needed (a note of merit to José who was a guide with all the trimmings) There has never been a hitch in terms of organization and everything has always gone smoothly .I believe that what they offer is a good service absolutely worthy of receiving a 5-star rating, however I just want to clarify that, probably due to communication problems with the school or other things that I could not define, inside the dormitory ( which was run by the school) there were some everyday objects that I had to buy and in general as it was presented, everything seemed to be included.Small things in any case, I recommend the Studytrip service to anyone interested in having an experience of this type in Japan(Original)Ragazzi molto in gamba e ben organizzati.Mi sono trovato molto bene con loro, sono sempre stati molto disponibili all'occorrenza (una nota di merito a José che è stato una guida con i fiocchi) Non ci sono mai stati intoppi per quanto riguarda l'organizzazione e tutto è sempre andato liscio.Reputo che quello che offrono sia un buon servizio assolutamente meritevole di ricevere un giudizio a 5 stelle, tuttavia mi sento solo di precisare che, probabilmente a causa di problemi di comunicazione con la scuola o altro che non saprei definire, all'interno del dormitorio (che era gestito appunto dalla scuola) mancavano alcuni oggetti d'uso quotidiano che ho dovuto comprare e in generale per come era presentato il tutto sembrava fossero inclusi.Cose di poco conto in ogni caso, consiglio il servizio di Studytrip a chiunque sia interessato a fare un'esperienza di questo tipo in Giapponeread more
    00:03 17 Sep 19
    (Translated by Google) It was an incredible experience, from the first day the staff of "Studytrip" is at your entire disposal if you have any questions during your stay in Japan, they are professionals in their work and very close in dealing. I must add that due to personal problems in my country during my stay in Japan I began to suffer from depression and they were always very close to me and helped me a lot to enjoy the rest of my trip, for which I am very grateful. 100% recommended!(Original)Fue una experiencia increíble, desde el primer día el personal de "Studytrip" está a tu total disposición si tienes cualquier duda durante tu estancia en Japón, son profesionales en su trabajo y muy cercanos en el trato. Debo añadir que debido a problemas personales en mi país durante mi estancia en Japón empecé a sufrir una depresión y ellos siempre se mostraron muy cercanos a mí y me ayudaron mucho a disfrutar del resto de mi viaje por lo que les estoy muy agradecido. ¡100% recomendado!read more
    Max Wolf
    Max W.
    07:58 12 Sep 19
    Went over the Summer Course of 2019 and had one of the most memorable and enjoyable times of my life so far! Jose was an amazing guide around Tokyo and the classes at Akamonkai were VERY intensive, but also very enjoyable. I was on the gold plan and if you DON’T get the gold plan you’re really missing out on a LOT of fun activities! I’d gladly do it again in a heartbeat! My love for Japan has intensified since going and I’m getting impatient for my return!read more
    Derek Wyland
    Derek W.
    02:22 12 Sep 19
    The staff were very helpful, and cooperative. Every question I had was swiftly answered, and when I was having trouble with my sleeping arrangements it was promptly taken care of in an organized manner. I think one of the best parts about the staff is how knowledgeable they are of the tokyo area, many time I was able to ask about recommendations and not be let down. The events they have lined up for the trip were fun, memorable, and organized. At all times I felt like I knew what was going on and I was never afraid I would get lost. I highly recommend doing one of their programs, it won't be something you will regret and I have no doubt it will be a trip you will remember for the rest of your life. 👍read more
    mike mc
    mike M.
    01:55 12 Sep 19
    (Translated by Google) I loved the experience with Studytrip <3Both the guides and the roommates were very nice and I had a lot of fun.Highlight the support and constant feedback both at the time of booking and in the country of Japan.José, the guide, a ten! He helped me at all times and since he could not always follow the conversation in English, whenever he asked me to translate what they had said, he did it without any problem.On the other hand, my personal experience in relation to language more or less well. This is where I personally had a little trouble. I have a medium-low level of English and I was having trouble following some conversations with my classmates. I asked often, to see if they could repeat it to me, and they kindly repeated it to me, but there came a time when my head couldn't take it anymore and I just disconnected XD.The language academy was a bit hard for me too, since I only learned about Hiragana and some basic expressions (typical of Japanese animation series), and I had a hard time keeping up with the class. Which made me frustrated.Taking into account that I was going to enjoy and that we had little time because we did activities many of the afternoons - I contracted the Gold Package of the Traditional Japan theme (or something like that) - I finally decided to enjoy and spend a bit of classes the last week. Although I must also say that I had a much better time in class when the youngest teacher was the one who gave it.In general, to say that it has been a fantastic experience and that I am planning to repeat, this time in a longer stay of 1 to 2 years to study Japanese.Many thanks to the entire Studytrip team!(Original)Me encantó la experiencia con Studytrip <3Tanto los guías como las compañeras de piso fueron muy agradables y me divertí mucho.Destacar el apoyo y el feedback constante tanto en el momento de hacer la reserva como en el país Nipón.José, el guía, ¡un diez! Me ayudó en todo momento y como no podía seguir siempre la conversación en inglés, siempre que le pedía que me tradujese lo que habían dicho lo hacía sin ningún problema.Por otro lado, mi experiencia personal en relación al lenguaje más o menos bien. Aquí es donde yo personalmente lo pasaba un poco mal. Tengo un nivel medio-bajo de inglés y me costaba seguir algunas conversaciones con las compañeras. Preguntaba a menudo, a ver si me lo podían repetir, y amablemente me lo repetían, pero llegaba un momento en que mi cabeza ya no podía más y simplemente desconectaba XD.La academia de idiomas fue un poco dura para mi también, ya que fui sabiendo solo Hiragana y algunas expresiones básicas (típicas de las series de animación japonesa), y me costaba mucho seguir el ritmo de la clase. Lo que hacía que me frustrase.Teniendo en cuenta que iba para disfrutar y que teníamos poco tiempo pues hacíamos actividades muchas de las tardes - contraté el Paquete Oro de la temática Traditional Japan (o algo así) - decidí finalmente disfrutar y pasar un poco de las clases la última semana. Aunque también he de decir que lo pasaba mucho mejor en clase cuando la profesora más joven era quien la daba.En general, decir que ha sido una experiencia fantástica y que estoy planteándome repetir, esta vez en una estancia más larga de 1 a 2 años para estudiar Japonés.¡Muchas gracias a todo el equipo de Studytrip!read more
    Cristina López Montalvo
    Cristina López M.
    17:28 02 Sep 19
    I had such an excellent time. I went on the cultural StudyTrip to Tokyo. The activities were amazing fun, I learnt so much, the course leaders were friendly, supportive and just all round wonderful. The lessons I took were challenging in a good way. Everyone who came on the course was lovely and we have forged some lifelong international friendships. The team at studytrips/GoGo Nihon were dedicated to making sure we had a fantastic time, and could not have been more accommodating. The three weeks passed far too fast, and we were all very sad to leave, but the memories we made will last forever!read more
    Emily Jupitus
    Emily J.
    10:51 02 Sep 19
    It was a wonderful experience, I had the opportunity to learn and practice the language while having fun, apart from all the people and places you get to know, I definitely recommend it! You will want to stay even more time!read more
    Ricardo Adrian Silva
    Ricardo Adrian S.
    19:11 28 Aug 19
    (Translated by Google) I attended Traditional Japan and deserves 5 stars, even more!I was ready to spend 3 beautiful and hectic weeks, but my expectations were exceeded. The course at Akamonkai is excellent, the lessons are perfectly organized and the teachers are precise and very good. The organization of the entire study holiday was impeccable and the activities were very fun. The entire StudyTrip staff, both the Italian one who answers any doubts via email, and the one in Japan has always been available even in the event of an emergency. They were fantastic!I will never forget this experience. 10/10 😍(Original)Ho partecipato al Traditional Japan e merita 5 stelle, anche di più!Ero pronta a trascorrere 3 settimane bellissime e frenetiche, ma le mie aspettative sono state superate. Il corso all’Akamonkai è ottimo, le lezioni sono organizzate alla perfezione ed i professori sono precisi e molto bravi. L’organizzazione dell’intera vacanza studio è stata impeccabile e le attività sono state molto divertenti. L’intero staff di StudyTrip, sia quello italiano che risponde ad ogni dubbio tramite email, sia quello in Giappone è sempre stato disponibile anche in caso di emergenza. Sono stati fantastici!Non dimenticherò mai questa esperienza. 10/10 😍read more
    Maria Grazia Rubino
    Maria Grazia R.
    15:24 28 Aug 19
    (Translated by Google) This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Korea for three weeks with the short summer course and it was great. From the first day they provided me with the arrival at my accommodation, as well as information regarding transportation, sim card for my phone ... The activities were varied and they recommended nearby places to make the most of each afternoon. Korean classes at Lexis are intense but we learned a lot in a short time. If you want to travel to Korea but you are afraid to travel alone, I recommend it, it is a unique experience: D(Original)Este verano he tenido la oportunidad de viajar a Corea durante tres semanas con el curso corto de verano y ha sido genial. Desde el primer día me facilitaron la llegada a mi alojamiento, así como información relativa a transporte, tarjeta sim para mi teléfono... Las actividades fueron variadas y nos recomendaron lugares cercanos para aprovechar al máximo cada tarde. Las clases de coreano en Lexis son intensas pero aprendimos mucho en poco tiempo. Si quieres viajar a Corea pero te da miedo viajar solo, te lo recomiendo, es una experiencia única :Dread more
    Laura Menoyo
    Laura M.
    17:58 18 Aug 19
    Excellent team and always helpful. They make sure you feel always at ease! 100% recommended!
    Diego Bermudez
    Diego B.
    13:50 17 Aug 19
    The experiences, feelings and all the new memories I've got from Studytrip through this summer was so amazing and wonderful that it's hard to put it into mere words! I took the course Traditional Japan 2019 (about three weeks) and there wasn't a single day or activity I was disappointed in! The school, the guide, friends- everything was absolutely perfect! Going to this study trip, learning Japanese, got to know new friends from all around the world- this trip is really the highlight for me this year! 🌟Thank you so much for all your services, Studytrip! I'm so grateful that this was the most eventful trip I ever been on my own!🌸read more
    21:59 11 Aug 19
    If you decide you wanna live in japan or not then this study trip is a good start. They have a very friendly and responsive staff if you need help with anything. I would recommend this trip for anyone deciding to live in japan or notread more
    emerson marcelo
    emerson M.
    03:01 12 Jul 19
    (Translated by Google) Going to Japan with Studytrip is an unforgettable experience. Exchange, meetings, discoveries and wonderful memories are on the program!(Original)Aller au Japon avec Studytrip est une expérience inoubliable. Echange, rencontres, découvertes et merveilleux souvenirs sont au programme !read more
    marine cordier
    marine C.
    06:45 01 Jun 19
    (Translated by Google) I loved this study holiday! The school, the activities and the moments spent together with everyone. The Studytrip guys were very nice and made the activities very pleasant. The school of their choice was just what I wanted, it allowed me to speak a lot in Japanese and the teachers were nice and always available and kind. It was a really good experience, thanks.(Original)Ho adorato questa vacanza studio! La scuola, le attività e i momenti passati insieme a tutti. I ragazzi di Studytrip sono stati simpaticissimi e hanno reso le attività molto piacevoli. La scuola da loro scelta era proprio quello che volevo, mi ha permesso di parlare molto in giapponese e le insegnanti erano simpatiche e sempre disponibili e gentili. È stata davvero una bella esperienza, more
    Domenico D'Agostino
    Domenico D.
    07:47 31 May 19
    I had an amazing time and trip in Tokyo thanks to the team of studytrip. I was able to see and do so much, and staying with a host family was one of the best decisions i ever made. My studytrip also gave me a solid foundation to do some solotraveling as well as see and experience more of more
    09:24 23 May 19
    Great attention and good companions ,the staff y super friendly and accesible.
    Juan Quintero
    Juan Q.
    02:32 22 May 19
    (Translated by Google) I must admit that I have enjoyed this trip a lot, the people who belong to this service are very kind, friendly. Any questions you have, get their answer immediately. And the activities that were carried out met my expectations! Highly recommended! Very sure! :3(Original)Debo reconocer que he disfrutado mucho de éste viaje, las personas que pertenecen a este servicio son muy amables, amigables. Cualquier duda que tengas, obtiene su una respuesta inmediatamente. Y las actividades que se realizaron llenaron mis expectativas! Muy recomendado! Muy seguro! :3read more
    Fiorella Cánepa Lama
    Fiorella Cánepa L.
    02:23 22 May 19
    I had so much fun during the Spring course with Studytrip. It's a great experience and you do things that you don't usually do with common trips. You also have the chance to study Japanese at a language school, it's a bit challenging, but you learn so fast. You will meet people from other countries and if you have same interests, during free time you can hang out with them and do some sightseeing or go to amusement parks... it's so fun and I highly recommend to do this course also because the Staff is so funny and they help you with everything that you have in more
    03:57 14 May 19
    Wonderful experiences that are hard to get on your own. Added so much to my time in Tokyo.
    Brooks Collins
    Brooks C.
    05:07 22 Apr 19
    What a great experience!! Everything was taken care of from getting all of the documents taken care of before going to Japan to getting to class and the daily after school trips and knowledge of the areas. I got to learn a lot of culture and was able to do a little talking with some of the people I met while I was there because of the language more
    03:32 22 Apr 19
    (Translated by Google) I really liked the experience in Korea, it was a country that I always wanted to visit and it is very happy, the course was very productive and the tourist views allowed me to learn more about Korean culture, highly recommended, the trip where every day is pleasant, safe and very good experiences every day.(Original)Me gusto muchísimo la experiencia el Korea, fue un pais que siempre quise visitar y es muy feliz, el curso fue muy productivo y las vistas turísticas me permitieron conocer mas la cultura coreana, muy recomendado, el viaje en donde todos los días son agradables, seguros y muy con muy buenas experiencias cada dí more
    paola Rodriguez
    paola R.
    17:54 11 Nov 18

    What You Need To Know

    Study Trip Dates
    From August 13th
    To September 15th
    Application Deadline
    June 13th
    School Dates
    First Day
    14th of August
    Last Day
    14th of September
    Age Limit For Joining The Course
    Students need to have turned 20 years old at the start of the course.
    Free Time
    The course length is 5 weeks, for a total of 60+ hours of class time Lessons are held everyday from Monday to Thursday, from 9:00 to 12:00
    Accomodation Dates
    Move-in Date
    13th of August
    Move-out Date
    15th of September
    Pick-Up Service at the Airport
    For a fee of 21,000 yen, can organize a Pick Up service for you from either Narita or Haneda airport. If you would like to take advantage of this option please let us know on your application form. Students must arrive between 9am and 8:30pm. If your flight arrives after 8:30pm we are unfortunately, unable to offer this service.

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