With 44 countries in Europe, there’s much to be explored so here are our top tips for travelling around Europe if you’re hoping to visit a few countries while you’re here. 

Different currencies

Firstly, there’s money! A must if you want to do anything. While much of Europe has adopted the Euro, there are some countries like the UK, that haven’t. In fact, there are 9 in total. Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Sweden. This means for the most part, you can just get one currency and visit lots of places but if any of the nine listed are on your itinerary then remember to check ahead and exchange your money in advance as it can often be a bit more expensive to change it in the country you are visiting.

Check the weather

A simple suggestion but it might save you a lot of trouble. Europe is a big place and if you’re travelling around the weather can vary quite a lot from region to region and even within the same country sometimes. Layers are a must and decent but light wet weather gear can be brilliant on that one day you nearly get caught out. If you’re heading to the north of Europe you’ll need much warmer clothing than you might expect. There are plenty of cheap chain stores in most countries in Europe that you can head into and pick up what you need for not too much money so don’t worry too much.

train in Europe

Getting around

Eurorail! For those of you who live outside of Europe, this is the best option for you. Train travel can vary from country to country in Europe, but one of the best and cheapest ways to travel can be the Eurorail pass. There are plenty of different options available whether it’s a single country or several and there are different lengths of pass depending on how long you want to travel for. 31 countries in Europe offer the rail pass option and we recommend checking it out before you go. Quite often there are deals too! Some train companies do require reservations so a little planning is worthwhile but there are many that allow you to show the pass and hop on the train.

If you are a European native but haven’t had a chance to explore outside your own country or maybe you just want to see a lot more of this great continent, then there’s an equivalent pass available called the interrail pass. It offers pretty much the same service to help you get out there.

If you don’t fancy train travel then there’s always buses, car rental or even hitchhiking. Buses can often be a much cheaper of getting around any country but they can be a bit harder to navigate if you don’t yet have the language skills. Car rental can often be an easier but expensive way of getting around and we would only recommend it if you can split it between a few people. It does mean that you can explore a few more hidden spots, not accessible by public transport. Hitchhiking will vary from country to country but if you decide to take this route, we always recommend travelling with a friend.


So this will vary depending on where you’re going and where you’re from. This is a bit too long for us to list all the ins and outs for everyone so here are our top tips to make sure you don’t get stuck.

  • Plan your route
  • Check 3 months in advance if you need a visa for the countries you’re visiting.
  • Remember that whatever the rules when it comes to visas you can’t spend more than 90 days in a 180 day period in Europe as a tourist.
  • Always carry your passport with you. While there are often not passport border checks, some companies may refuse to help you if they can’t prove you’re in Europe legally.
  • Check that your passport expiration date meets the airline’s requirements when you fly into Europe. Normal requirements are that your passport is valid 3-6 months after your date of departure.

Try things

More of a general travel tip but don’t be afraid to try things. We’re talking mostly food here but it applies to other things. Check out the local traditions (we recommend Morris dancing in England and Flamenco in Spain), eat the weird food (snails are quite tasty and black pudding’s deliciously rich), visit the places only the locals know about, you’ll regret it if you just stay in the hotel and visit the tourist traps.

These are the big ones to get the most out of this beautiful and varied continent so get exploring with our Europe travel tips.

Last Updated on May 7, 2019

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