The summer holidays, we all get one but what are we supposed to do with it? If you want to make the most of yours, then why not study abroad this summer. Wherever you’re heading in the world, the summer can be one of the best times to travel and study. The sun can make you a lot more productive and it means there’s plenty of chances to get out and explore your temporary home without worrying about the weather. Here our our top reasons to study abroad in the summer.


Music festivals, traditional festivals, religious festivals. Whatever takes your fancy, the summer is the best time to enjoy them. In Europe and particularly countries like England and Spain, there are numerous music festivals that tie in cultural features too. One of the biggest in England is Glastonbury festival attracting around 500,000 people each year. In Japan, it’s fireworks season and they often tie them into local traditions and festivals, everyone dresses up in their yukatas and sit on the river banks watching the amazing shows.

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Photo Opportunities

Let’s face it, Summer is the best time to work on your photography skills, the lighting is perfect, the setting’s spectacular and you don’t need to freeze trying to get the perfect shot. Whether it’s visiting the Giant Buddha in Kamakura, climbing Mount Bukhan in Seoul or hanging out on the Barcelona beaches, they’re all a little bit more photogenic with the gorgeous summer sun.

Sports season

Not all of us are big sports fans most of the year round, but when it comes to the summer and those big sporting events, we all get a bit of a fever for the fun around them all. Whether it’s the UEFA European Championships, the Rugby world cup or the Olympics, it’s hard not to get swept away in all the enthusiasm. With two big events coming up in Japan in 2019 and 2020, you could be out there celebrating with your own team. Football has always been a big game in Europe and whatever tournaments on joining in with the locals at the nearest sports bar or pub can be a great way to practice your language skills or just make some new friends.

Get outdoors

Exploring a new city is 20x more fun when it’s sunny outside and you get longer days to do your exploring. Once you’ve got over the nerves of practicing your new language skills with the locals, you’ll make some new friends and they’ll show you all the best places to visit and things to try out and about. Getting out into nature and exploring the countryside with your new friends is always a lot easier in the summer too as they’ll have the time to show you around. Oh and did we mention, language study outdoors increases your ability to learn significantly (this may not be factually true but we sure love sitting in the park with our textbooks).

Making memories

Summer holidays are all about making memories and going on adventures. Studying abroad means that your parents don’t have to worry about what you’re up to but you still get to have the experience of a lifetime. You’ll make new friends, try new things that you might not ever get the chance to try otherwise and learn a new language at the same time.

What are you waiting for? If you’ve not started making your summer plans yet then why not think about studying abroad in the summer.

Last Updated on May 7, 2019

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