Are you thinking about taking the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in Japan this July 2020? All Japanese learners eventually come in contact with this official examination, either to test their language skills or because it is needed for university or their employer. It is an essential part of the Japanese journey – though not an easy one!

We met up with our student Charlotte in Shinjuku, who’s joined our JLPT Study Trip, to have a chat about her preparations for taking the JLPT test in Japan.

JLPT student

Hi Charlotte, where are you from and why are you in Tokyo right now?
– I’m from Singapore and I’m currently taking part in Go! Go! Nihon’s JLPT Study Trip.

Why did you start studying Japanese?
– I don’t really remember actually, I just like the sound of Japanese.

How are the classes you’re currently taking at the language school here in Tokyo?
– Whatever you learn in your books here, you put it into practice after. When I’m tired after work back home it feels like a chore, while here it’s just natural. So you tend to remember things better.

Where do you usually study after your classes in the language school?
– If anyone stays in the Toyosu area of Tokyo I’d really like to recommend this Tully’s Coffee that I always go to for studying. Almost no one knows that it’s there, so it’s a very peaceful place on the corner of a hospital/university. And the scenery with the river outside is great!

You’ve taken the JLPT test before in Singapore, why did you decide to take it in Japan this time?
– Actually, I took it a few times back in Singapore and I kept failing. What happens with me is that I’m a workaholic and I don’t know when it’s time to stop working and start studying. That makes it hard to pass the JLPT exam. But here I don’t have to work – so my time is really focused on the language. It helps!

What do you want to say to anyone thinking about taking the JLPT test in December?
– I recommend that you come to Japan and take it here instead. I’ve been through that cycle of job and studies, it doesn’t really work. When you come here you don’t have all these other distractions, like back home. And it’s more fun too, you can really immerse into the culture and the language!

Have you started your Japanese studies and want to take it to the next level? Why not study for your next JLPT test intensively in Japan this July? Learn more about our JLPT Study Trip.

Learn more watching our video with Charlotte on our Youtube-channel!

Last Updated on February 27, 2020

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