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July 29th - August 25th

Summer Course

Get some summer sun

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Organized by: Go! Go! Nihon

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The Summer Study Trip course is one of our most popular courses and we know why! A customizable 3 or 4 week Summer course in Japan, you’ll get a chance to try out historical and modern activities. Take in the tradition and the pop culture in this fully immersive course. Combining some things you know and love about Japan, Karaoke and Yukatas, and some things you may not, Furoshiki and Matsuri, there’s a lot to get excited about. You’ll have a truly unforgettable summer in this amazing city and make friends, memories, and skills that will last a lifetime.


Mixing some weird and wonderful activities with some trips, the summer course gives a great mix of all things Japan. It makes the most of the summer fun with Matsuri and beer gardens.


Akamonkai 2 (1)
Study at Akamonkai, one of the largest language schools in Tokyo. With it's newly refurbished campus, it's a great place to send your summer learning a language you love.


With dormitory accommodation included in the price, you'll be well connected to central Tokyo and have a chance to practice your language skills with your new friends.


You decide! With 3 and 4 week options, you've got a chance to get the most out of a summer in Japan whatever your schedule.


Akamonkai runs morning classes, so you can spend your afternoons exploring in the summer sun.


This is an ideal course for those new to the Japanese Language. You don't need to worry about knowing anything before you start. For more information get in touch.

Group Discount

Book with a friend and you'll receive a group discount of 15,000 yen each! For groups of 3 or more you could save up to 60,000 yen between you.

Activity Schedule

    Week One

    Japanese izakaya

    Dine out at an Izakaya

    No trip to Japan is complete without a trip to a traditional Izakaya for an after-school drink. Bond with your fellow travellers over a drink and some delicious food.
    Tokyo Skytree view

    Climb Tokyo Skytree

    See the sights of Tokyo from a different angle, above! Climb up to the top of the Tokyo Skytree for some amazing views across the metropolis.
    Group of students at Odaiba

    Cruise down from Asakusa to Odaiba

    Wonder at the traditional delights of Asakusa, before hopping on a boat to cruise down to Odaiba to see the new giant Unicorn Gundam.
    kamakura buddha in japan

    Discover the Daibutsu of Kamakura

    Take a trip out of Tokyo down to Kamakura to see the iconic Diabutsu and wander around the island of Enoshima. You might even get a glimpse of Fuji in the distance.

    Week Two

    New years festival in Japan

    Celebrate at a Matsuri

    Japan sure knows how to do festivals and no trip is complete without attending a matsuri. Parades, crowds and food are all in abundance and most of all, they're great fun.
    how to wear a yukata

    Learn how to dress in a Yukata

    Learn how to properly dress in a yukata, a traditional Japanese garment. It's the perfect chance to get dressed up.
    Furoshiki Japanese Cloth Wrapping

    Get Creative with Furoshiki

    Whether giving a gift or wrapping your lunch, add that truly special touch by learning this beautiful craft. Traditional furoshiki wrapping cloth brings an elegance to make it a true art.

    Week Three

    Singing karaoke

    Sing your heart out at Karaoke

    Get together and pick your favourite songs to sing along to. All the hits you can't get out of your head both Japanese and International!
    Welcoming party in Japan

    Join our international event

    Join us at one of our regular international events. Mingle with your new study trip friends, meet some locals and make more new friends. It's the perfect place to try out your new language skills over a drink or two.
    Wagashi Making - Mochi sweets

    Make some tasty wagashi

    Join this alternative session and learn how to make wagashi - traditional Japanese sweets. See if you can craft with mochi and anko and then, best of all, taste your creations.

    Week Four

    Beer garden Tokyo

    Chill out in a Beer Garden (4th Week)

    Hidden away on Tokyo's rooftops are a variety of beer gardens. Perfect for relaxing with a refreshing beer away from the chaos of the city.
    DisneySea Trip - Cool Japan

    Get sailing at DisneySea (4th Week)

    The only one of its kind, Disney Sea brings together the magic of Disney with a Seaside twist. Perfect for us grown-up kids you can meet your favourite characters, go crazy on the wild rides and all while enjoying a drink or two.
    Tokyo Robot Restaurant

    Tokyo Robot Restaurant (4th Week)

    Encompassing Japanese pop culture in one crazy night at the Tokyo Robot Restaurant.  Enjoy the sensory overload with lasers, dancing, robots and a lot of neon.

    Choose your plan

    • Sing your heart out at Karaoke Singing karaoke Get together and pick your favourite songs to sing along to. All the hits you can't get out of your head both Japanese and International!
    • Dine out at an Izakaya