Many of us live in a world of abundance. Our wardrobes are bursting with clothes and we fill every part of our space with stuff. But, more and more of us are choosing to buy experiences and not things.

Read on to learn why experiences are more important than things and how Study Trip can help you create lasting travel experiences.

Experiences last longer

When it comes to physical longevity, many things bought will likely stand the test of time. But when it comes to long-lasting memories and emotional longevity of your travels, experiences are the way to go. 

You can spend all the money you want on an expensive Japanese tea set or a beautiful traditional hanbok from Korea, but they’re not going to mean a lot in the long-run. After you return home, the meaning of the things you buy will start to fade.

Instead, if you attach an experience to those things, you’re more likely to enjoy your time and also remember it more fondly. Participate in a Japanese tea ceremony, or delve into the history of the Korean royal family while wandering Gyeongbokgung palace in a hanbok. Those are the kinds of things that give your trips context, depth and longevity. 

This was proven in a study by Cornell University psychology professor Dr Thomas Gilovich. He showed that the happiness brought about by material things disappears because we end up adapting to them in our daily lives. Once that happens, those things no longer conjure up those initial feelings of happiness.

The memories of what you learnt through those experiences and how they made you feel are worth more than any number of souvenirs that you can buy from a shop.

Experiences are the best souvenir

Experiences make us happier

Most people long for happiness in their lives. But, there is only so much happiness that material possessions can bring. Experiences, though, bring us joy in meaningful and lasting ways.

One of those ways was shown in the Cornell University study. Humans, in general, are happier when we have social interactions with other humans. The study showed that one of the ways experiences make us happier is by creating opportunities to better connect with other people. 

Even if you didn’t experience hiking Mt Fuji with a particular person, you will still connect over the shared experience of having done the same climb. It’s simply more interesting to talk about experiences, rather than possessions.

We explore new places, meet new people and understand different ways of life through experiences. These are things you can’t achieve through material possessions and which make our lives more full.

We are our experiences

There is no doubt that travel broadens the mind. Through our experiences, we learn things about different people and places. In doing so, we also learn compassion, humility and gratefulness. Our experiences shape who we are and they can help us discover our passions and set our goals. 

Becoming more well-rounded people who possess a deeper understanding of the world around us is perhaps the ultimate reason why you should buy experiences, not things

Experience more with Study Trip

Study Trip offers you the chance to learn a new language and truly experience a place through fun activities. From taiko drumming in Japan to making kimchi in Korea, you will get to experience multiple dimensions of a place that you might not get to otherwise. And, of course, return home with happy memories.

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Last Updated on July 6, 2023

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